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Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing refers to hosted services delivered over the Internet from a vendor who can be located anywhere. Users can access resources at time with web browsers, desktop, and mobile apps, from business software and data stored on servers at a remote location. With this system, customers only use and pay for what they need. There's no need to worry about how data is maintained – you can simply purchase the IT service you require as you would any other utility. Because of this, cloud computing is also called “Utility Computing” or “IT on Demand.”


Our Cloud Computing services include:

  • Cloud Server
    Cloud Server is a virtual server in a cloud computing environment. With our cloud server service, we can either store your physical servers in our data center or we can provide our cloud storage solution. We can also provide more space without you having to add hard drives or hardware to your own servers.
  • Cloud Backup
    With our cloud backup service, we back up and store your data locally and in our secure data center. If a problem occurs, you can retrieve your data from your onsite backup system. If that also fails, maybe due to natural disaster, you can always access your critical data and applications in the cloud.

Benefits of our cloud computing services

  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Improved security due to centralization of data
  • Lower electrical, maintenance, and infrastructure costs
  • Offload responsibility from your internal IT department to Preeminent Technology
  • Access to your data and applications anytime and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Contact Us today to learn more about our cloud computing services and how your business will benefit from one or more of the available solutions.