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1. How do you provide proactive support?


A. We provide preventive IT maintenance and repair, telecommunication/phone system support, and onsite and 24x7 remote IT support.

The goal of proactive IT support is to identify and fix problems before they happen, and avoid expensive downtime or associated productivity loss. Our engineers receive constant updates on system status and can determine whether it is secure or vulnerable. They fix problems in a timely manner.

We provide unlimited technical support on Windows operating systems, commonly used applications, connectivity problems, printing issues, e-mail or browsing related issues etc.


Our technical support services include:

  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Network Protection and HIPAA Co
  • mpliance
  • PC/Desktop Support
  • Application Support
  • Database Administration and Management
  • Software Upgrades and Patch Management, Updated drivers
  • Remote Server Monitoring, Server Performance Fine Tuning and Optimization
  • IT support for networking issues related to TCP/IP configuration, network adapter installation, wireless
  • networks, Proxy configuration, VPN and firewalls.

2. . What are the benefits of Preeminent Technology services?


A. Benefits of our services:

  • Quicker response times and speedy resolutions
  • Experience minimized downtime
  • Lower operational costs and gain productivity
  • Cost effectively gain enterprise level support
  • Our 24x7 Remote Monitoring helps you to stay focus on your core business
  • Maximize your technology investments

I need a service that is not specifically listed on your website. Does that mean that Preeminent Technology does not provide it?


A. We provide more services than we can list. Chances are, if you ask us and we can do it, the answer is YES!


4. Do you have any plans for data recovery?


A.Disaster recovery planning involves preparing for worst case scenarios, and arranging a solution that will ensure that your business is operating as quickly as possible following a disaster.

When designing a disaster recovery solution for clients, we adopt a bespoke approach taking into account your organization’s individual needs, risks and budget.

We work with you to arrive at a practicable and realistic solution by taking into account factors like proportionate levels of risk, regulatory considerations, post-disaster working options, access alternatives and budget. We review the systems and infrastructure in place, the applications in use, and the underlying data associated with those applications. With this information in mind, we design a solution that meets your organization’s restoration thresholds and expectations.


5.Do you have a data center for hosting services?


A. We have a collocation center in Dallas, Texas.

Data Center Highlights

  • Hospital-grade electrical power supplied by 4 independent Texas Utility station feeds and six in-building transformer substations.
  • Physical presence of over 16 fiber providers. Diverse connectivity with approximately 8,700 strands of fiber enters the building. Bandwidth capacity approaches 26 Tbps.
  • Video surveillance with real-time digital recordings
  • 100% power and Network SLA
  • SAS70 Type II Certified

6. How can I get more information and get started with your services?


A.Please call us at 214-306-6915 or send an email to and we will contact you within 24 hours


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