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Preeminent Technology provides HIPAA compliant solutions that meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry. We provide comprehensive healthcare solutions designed specifically to help you plan, manage, and optimize, to get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Today’s healthcare providers face the challenge of accessing data remotely 24x7, securing critical information, and reducing the time involved in patient visits. Patients demand for connecting to healthcare providers is increasing day by day and has been identified as one of the key criteria for acquiring healthcare technology.

Preeminent Technology meets constantly evolving IT challenges by offering cost-effective healthcare services and solutions. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiencies, reduce operational costs, and improve healthcare experience for patients.

We have the expertise, focused resources, and the best type of technologies designed to meet the unique compliance, security, and uptime needs of healthcare providers.

As your main technology advocate, our expert will work with you to help develop and plan for changes to your network, to solve problems, expand capabilities, and improve performance.


Learn more about Preeminent Technology’s solutions for the healthcare industry, including:

  • EMR Implementation & Support
  • Onsite and remote IT support
  • Backup & recovery (local offsite backup)
  • EMR hosting & management
  • Telecommunication/phone system support
  • Network protection & HIPAA compliance
  • Desktop & server management
  • 24x7 remote monitoring
  • Medical billing & claims management

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Customer Sayings

PMTT is a pleasure to work with. Their helpdesk staff is very useful and knowledgeable. They can fix most of our problems remotely, but when one of our problems cannot be fixed remotely, they send over one of our assigned techs to fix the problem almost immediately. Usually our assigned tech is on-site within two hours. PMTT really makes us feel as if we have our own IT department right down the hall!
- Practice Administrator, Frisco, Texas