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Law firms must stay constantly updated, due to the often challenging, demanding, and dynamic nature of the legal industry. Several challenges affect firms in the industry, but the most prevalent are workflow, sharing capabilities, and security.



  • Workflow and Sharing
    The process of shuffling legal documents between case attorneys in different offices, and their clients, can be complex and expensive. To stay productive, attorneys need continuous access to their computer systems and the ability to easily retrieve electronic files.

  • Security
    Legal firms handle sensitive documents that require a high level of security. Lack of security can lead to leakage of sensitive client and case records. Today’s law firm needs a reliable network that keeps data safe, secure, and private.

Preeminent Technology's Solution

Preeminent Technology realizes that law firms store and process an immense amount of data. We understand the daily challenges of working in this industry. We partner with industry-leading document management software companies to provide solutions that best meet the unique needs of the legal industry. We will help you choose and implement the right document management and workflow software for your practice. To maintain your workflow and keep your work on schedule, we provide an integrated solution that will automate case management, tracking, client histories, contracts, and billing and accounting activities. Our solution allows attorneys and staff to more efficiently manage, store, organize, and access client related files. It also simplifies, streamlines, and coordinates the work of attorneys and staff.

We offer our clients experienced, capable, and responsive technical support, as well as proactive strategy and IT performance continuity. We keep your systems up and running at all times so you can focus on your core business. A stable, properly functioning computer network ensures that your legal practice software functions properly. We recognize the importance of data protection. Your attorneys will have secure, 24x7 remote access to your data.


  • Instant Access to Documents
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Reliability
  • Eliminates Downtime
  • Higher ROI

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Customer Sayings

Our previous provider took over two weeks to fix a major server crash and PMTT had us back up and running in no time! We have been extremely pleased by their support staff and customer service. I would highly recommend their services.
- Owner, Little Elm, Texas