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VOIP Services


What is Hosted PBX / VoIP Service?

A hosted PBX system delivers PBX functionality as a service over the Internet. The hosted service is feature-rich, compared to most premise-based systems. Customers can contract with service providers and avoid having to buy and install PBX equipment. Service providers offer hosted PBX service with equipment housed in secure data centers.


VoIP Implementation

Preeminent services enable seamless implementation of VoIP systems that integrate with a company's data network. Our expertise and core understanding of data networks gives us the inside track when it comes to VoIP implementation and integration.

Preeminent's technology experts have in-depth experience with enabling voice and data network environments to work together. With a strong understanding of protocols like Qos (Quality of Service), SIP (Session Initiated Protocol), and H.323, we can help plan and implement a VoIP system that matches your organization's business requirements, required service-levels, and budgets.

With a strong background in data network infrastructures, we can ensure that your Internet telephony system is integrated seamlessly to maximize productivity.


Benefits of Preeminent's VoIP Solution:

  • Allows an entire company to share a single number, regardless of geographical distribution. This system is also ideal for virtual companies, with remote employees connecting from home offices using personal telephones. These workers receive the same feature-rich PBX services as is available for brick-and-mortar companies.
  • Provides access to the network via a variety of telecommunications systems, including analog phones, cellular phones, and VoIP phones. This allows one extension to ring in multiple locations (either simultaneously or sequentially).
  • Secure and reliable architecture and infrastructure for both voice and data.
  • Significantly low monthly fees, operating costs and infrastructure costs.