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Why Select Preeminent Technology Over Another IT Support Company?


Thank you for considering Preeminent Technology as your IT support choice. I have been fortunate to have worked successfully within this industry for over 17 years. We have built a superior IT Support company at PMTT and we provide exceptional benefits that make us the preferred choice of many organizations. We are one of the best IT support companies around for the following reasons:

  1. The quality of our service.
    We tailor our IT services to the unique needs of your business. You can concentrate on your core business while we support your entire IT infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted IT services.

  2. Our uptime guarantee and how we maintain our servers.
    In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s absolutely important that you can count on us to help your business run smoothly. We have robust energy efficient servers that are housed in our State-of-the-art Data Center in Dallas, Texas. Preeminent’s 24x7 server care provides a complete suite of services to help manage your servers and keep them running. .

  3. Our technical support.
    Preeminent Technology is a trusted IT partner and helps customers by leveraging well-managed IT infrastructure backed up by expert technical support and advice. Our talented team possesses a rare mix of people skills and technical skills, and a desire to constantly improve the level of service we provide to our customers.

  4. My personal commitment to your satisfaction.
    Our technical experts assist clients 24x7. We make necessary investment in all areas to provide excellent service and technical support, and to ensure customer satisfaction. We also make sure that we have systems in place to expedite information to our clients or resolve any of their issues quickly and effectively.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your IT support needs and how we can help you meet your objectives. Please feel free to contact us via phone, chat, or email.

Venky Medicharla
Founder/Chief Technologist
Preeminent Technology, LLC.

Why Outsource Your IT

Are you considering outsourcing the maintenance and monitoring of your in-house computer network? Here is a simple checklist to help you decide.


Is Your Company Facing Challenges?

  • Staffing IT professionals
  • Staying current with up-to-date technologies, security monitoring, and IT skill sets
  • Managing & maintaining current infrastructure, hardware, and software
  • Securing data, transactions, and communications
  • Responding quickly to time-to-market demands
  • Remaining flexible enough to maintain your competitive position
  • Reducing cost margins on overhead
  • Operating in real-time in order to meet 24/7 requirements

Is Your Company in Transition?

  • It is time to upgrade, move, or relocate existing infrastructure
  • The scope or scale of current business operations is changing
  • A merger, partnership, or acquisition is altering operations
  • You need to increase your level of service to meet customer demand or competitor challenges
  • Your projected growth targets are dependent on implementing new technologies
  • You are expanding into a national or international market

Does Your Company Need to Increase Revenue?

  • You prefer to focus on your core competencies and mission-critical processes
  • You are able to purchase specialized services that complement your core business
  • You need to implement network services but lack the resources
  • You are concerned with the security of your network and your ability to meet privacy or security regulations
  • You need better tools and dedicated resources to keep up with the latest security threats
  • You are experiencing dynamic business growth while undergoing downsizing and hiring freezes