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Network Management


Preeminent Technology provides complete network management and maintenance solutions, including network infrastructure assessment, network development planning, implementation, deployment, support, and maintenance. Our approach to network infrastructure takes into account all network segments, such as Wide Area Networks (WANs), Local Area Networks (LANs), Wireless Networks (WLANs), and remote access. We provide both logical and physical network diagrams for documentation, along with details for service and function of each network device.

We understand how networks grow. Our engineers are accustomed to dealing with a network’s growing pains, and provide help and security advice quickly. Keeping an IT infrastructure functioning and up-to-date is a challenge. Through our dedicated network management team, we help you manage your total network infrastructure, while ensuring uptime, productivity, and efficiency.


Our network management services include:

  • Configuration, installation, and maintenance support for NOS and network hardware.
  • Network performance assessments on installed network technology.
  • Documentation, assessment, and analysis of current wide and local area network configuration.
  • Analysis of WAN connectivity, Internet access, Intranet development, and electronic file access.
  • Recommendations for improvement of system reliability and performance and cost reduction.
  • Monitoring your network 24x7.
  • Evaluating options for remote connectivity to file servers and the Internet.
  • Integration of new systems and technologies into the existing network environment.
  • Identifying network design and configuration issues and suggest selected alternatives.