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Spam & Virus Filtering Services


With progress comes complexity. Technology that is supposed to make us more productive often seems to cause more trouble than it's worth. Viruses, trojans, worms, hoaxes and spam cause annoyance and fear. The media and virus protection companies claim they cost us millions in lost productivity, data and resources. But do they really matter? Surely spam is just an inconvenience easily deleted and viruses seem to get sorted out quickly don't they? To a certain extent this is true - until you get hit.

Imagine that no one has updated your antivirus software for a few weeks. When do you find that all your account spreadsheets are infected with a virus that changes numbers at random? Of course you have got back-up files (haven't you?) but how long is it going to take to load those files and which are correct?

What if a new virus is bombarding your email gateway with so many emails that you decide to shut it down? And miss out on a customer order? Or you inadvertently send out a report carrying a virus to a customer - what sort of message does that send?

It needn't be like that. Far from trying to spread panic, Preeminent Technology believes there are a few simple things you can do to protect from viruses. But first, where are the risks to your data?

Where are the virus risks?

  • Downloaded programs or documents from internet may be infected. Programs can carry a virus that can infect your machine as soon as you run them.
  • Emails can include infected attachments or scripts that run as soon as you preview or read the body text.
  • Documents or spreadsheets can contain macro viruses that can infect other documents and spreadsheets.
  • Floppy discs and CDs can have infected items

Preeminent Technology has partnered with Industry experts to provide powerful spam and virus scanning and filtering process ultimate defense for email systems. Preeminent’s spam & virus filtering services separates viruses and spam from legitimate emails, so email users get safe, uncluttered access to business-critical email messages.

Our filtering service filters emails prior to being delivered to, or received from a company ensuring:

  • Increased security
  • More efficient email troubleshooting
  • More efficient use of bandwidth
  • Email disaster recovery (through web access to email)
  • Spam blacklist avoidance
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